Goodbye WordPress, Hello Freedom


Before making the decision to move The Measured Life from to Bluehost I worried a lot if getting traffic would be a thing of the past for me now.

I was thinking, that since most of my traffic came internally from WordPress, it would be a ghost-town around here after a move. Boy was I wrong about that (luckily).

It has been less than 24 hours since I indexed the new sitemap and since Google has begun crawling the site, but I am already getting some traffic from Google searches to some of my older posts. This leaves me with a very positive outlook on the future of The Measured Life.

The searches are already telling me a little bit about where I should maybe focus my efforts topic-wise. Without saying too much: People seem to like the somewhat more science-oriented posts I have done a great deal.

Which is great, because I have really wanted to boost my credibility for a long while exactly by writing about things that are maybe a bit less philosophical than usual and a bit more grounded in scientific theory and practice.

It has been maybe three or four months since I have written in English on a consistent basis, though, and that shows in the quality of what I write. At least that is how I am feeling about it right now.

Exactly because I am out of shape in terms of writing in the English language, this is just going to be yet another short post. This time around I don’t want to push myself too hard so I am taking it easy for now. Slow and steady wins the race, right.

Anyway, thanks to those of my old readers who might have stayed throughout the move. I am working on improving my SEO skills as well as a short eBook to be published on the site for free soon. So things should be back on track here in my little neck of the internet woods soon.

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Moving and relaunching! Stay tuned for announcements…

For quite a while now I have felt the need to do a change up around here in order to regain the desire to share my thoughts with you!

Long story short, I am moving the blog away from to be hosted over at Bluehost instead.

My hope being that gaining full control over the blog will inspire me to work more on putting quality content out there.

I am just going to do this, without having done a lot of research into the specifics of moving a blog. It shouldn’t be rocket science.

Now, I might loose all of my subscribers. I might loose my search engine rankings. I am not sure what will happen. If nothing else I know that I will keep my URL and all of my content.

The answers are out there, of course. I just have to do a quick Google search, yet I haven’t been inspired to do even THAT yet.

So I am just going to focus on getting the move done soon and take it from there.

So guys, anyone interested in following and connecting with me here in the future should stay tuned and check out the site from time to time over the next couple of weeks. Whenever I implement a new change I will make a short announcement.

Was this post meaningful to you? If so, I always appreciate comments, likes and shares. Thanks!

Get more readers with Zemanta – here is how to do that


For a while now I’ve known that being lazy with tagging my posts has slowed down the rate at which I gain subscribers to my blog. I know I post content of at least a decent standard (working hard on getting better every day) since about every other person who visits my blog end up subscribing.

But in the sea of amazing blogs out there, getting your content to an audience can be a difficult task – especially if you like writing more than organizing like I do. Zemanta, however, is here to help!

How it works

I know that you might ask me what rock I’ve been hiding under for the last two years when I tell you that I just now discovered Zemanta, a tool that recommends tags and related articles as well as a bunch of other cool things. Either way, here is a short recommendation for those who might not have heard of it yet.

Actually I don’t have a lot to add about Zemanta that isn’t better said elsewhere. WordPress Support wrote a great post on setting up Zemanta on your blog that I used to get started with the tool.

If you host your blog elsewhere, like on Bluehost, DreamHost, or Laughing Squid, all recommended by, you can also use Zemanta.

However, since I won’t be migrating from for the foreseeable future I can’t be of any help with that.

For more details go to Zemanta’s website.

Wrap up

All in all, I can safely say already, that I’ll be recommending Zemanta in the future solely based on the recommended tags alone. As I said above I absolutely HATE the process of having to spend time categorizing my posts. Now I’ll hopefully be better at that.

I might write a longer review of Zemanta at some point, say in a couple of months when I’ve experienced whether or not Zemanta will have been a help to me.

~ Jacob