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‘Insignificant’ changes matter

‘Insignificant’ changes matter

At first I wanted to title this post insignificant improvements matter. Then I thought about how all change matters, also the insignificant deterioration that sometimes happens.

If I come up with an excuse for not meditating one day, I know I’ll be that much more likely to build on that excuse the day after that. So I strive to keep those minor and ‘insignificant ‘ slip-ups from happening too often.

Anyway,  I want to address those seemingly insignificant improvements in what follows. Because the sum of those hundreds and thousands of small positive changes you make will one day add up to very big and significant changes. Changes that you would have never dreamt of happening.

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My writing space

My writing space

Over the past few months blogging has become one of the things I enjoy doing the most although it is also incredibly draining energy-wise. And I enjoy the learning process that blogging is so much that I’d like to write a couple of posts about it. I’ll start by showing where I do my writing. I’ll follow up this post with one about how writing daily is helping me implementing new habits and changing my lifestyle (not necessarily the next post I publish). 


I try to add pictures to my posts as much as possible since I know that the visual experience is as important as the quality of the writing to readers. There are so many great blogs out there and people will only ever subscribe to the most appealing looks-wise. There is something to the thing about judging a book on it’s cover! We all do that, and when it comes to everything from people to posts.

I usually snatch the featured photos from somewhere else on the net, but I’ll be changing that habit soon once I get hold of a new smartphone (the one I have is ANCIENT).

The photo above, however, is not one I snatched, it shows a close-up of the left part of my desk at home. It might not interest anyone but I’ll now take a minute to go through the things you see in the pic. If nothing else, for you to be more acquainted with who I am as a person.

On a side note, letting down your guard and showing people who you really are is always a good way to earn their trust.

So anyway, in the center of it all you see the laptop on which I write most of my posts. It’s an old HP and I’ll need a new one soon, but its been serving me well through the past 4 years. It has seen jungles, deserts and mountains in its time, before I had to take a long break from traveling due to my disease, so I’d say it has had a great run. (NOTE: at first I wrote desserts. lol. Well, it’s seen desserts as well).

To the right are some tools and miniature figures. I try to paint at least once a week since the practice is great for increasing focus as well as a way for me to get through some podcasts I like. I’ve also met some great people through this new hobby of mine. I am only a novice at the whole miniature thing but its great fun so far.

On the left there’s an apple. For the past month I’ve made a rule out of only eating unhealthy stuff when I have company, so when I am alone I’ll snack on things like apples, bananas and nuts. It doesn’t really work out as planned yet, however, since I have company, on an average, every other day. I don’t know how I’ll be able to continue this progress next time I get a girlfriend since that usually quadruples the time I spend with other people…I guess I’ll have to find me a health-freak in order to stay healthy myself.

Then there is the coffee and the whiskey, my two biggest vices. I wouldn’t consider myself an alcoholic but I used to have severe problems with drinking heavily for a few years, even by myself, so alcohol is not something I look lightly upon. It took me about a year to get my drinking under control and today I’d say my drinking habits are about that of the average person. I get anywhere between 1-10 cups of coffee per day, which is obviously too much on the days I get 10. I am slowly replacing coffee with green tea and other herbal teas.

Finally, you see my nexus 7 tablet on the side there. I use it for reading books, articles, research, and the occasional social networking.

On the pin-board at the back there is a printed out quote by Bobby Flay which reads the following:

 “Take risks and you’ll get the payoffs. Learn from your mistakes until you succeed. It’s that simple.”

I still take too few risks in life! But instead of regretting lost chances we should try to learn from the mistakes we’ve made so that we may reach our hopes and dreams for life and love in the future. I “stole” the quote idea from Tim Ferriss who has had it in a frame on his desk for the past 10 years. I now look at it many times a day.

Again, number one most important life hack: start taking more risks!

So that’s it guys, everything on my writing desk!

As always, thank you for reading.



A short update before the weekend

A short update before the weekend

Hi guys!

A couple of new people subscribed after yesterday’s post. Thank you! This makes me want to write more often and improve the standard of the content I offer. Interestingly, it seems my audience is mostly women, which I did not expect. I am working on getting another blogger and friend of mine to write a guest post here soon and possibly host a new podcast with me. She has a very different perspective on many things including sex and I think there’d be a fun dynamic between her and I. More info on this project coming soon!

In other news, I have several upcoming posts in the works, but I am not sure which ones will reach publication on the site. I still haven’t found a good rhythm when it comes to writing and publishing. At the moment I actually have about 14 drafts I am working on but the quality of my writing is still very inconsistent and it doesn’t help that I can be very unscheduled in my approach to getting creative stuff done.

However, the next article will most likely be about getting back together with your ex  / hooking up with a friend since I have been in the mood of writing about relationships lately. Basically, I think both are bad ideas (most of the time) I’ll explain why then. I am also excited about an MBTI (personality typology) series I am planing. Knowing your type and the type of others’ can be a great tool in everything from relationship management to finding a job that suits you.

Well. That should be all for now. I have a plan of being able to shift between writing short, concise articles that get to the point quickly, and longer, explanatory posts that offer a lot of referential value and knowledge.  We’ll see how things goes.

Have a great weekend!

Yours sincerely,