a general update

Reflections on my Writer’s Block

Every day I wake up with the feeling that I want to write something. And every day I don’t even try to sit down at the computer and open a word document to do so. It’s a weird thing, isn’t it, wanting to do something, but not wanting it enough to actually do it?

Don’t get me wrong, I write a bunch at work, but that’s not the same at all. I guess you could call the writing I do at work “creative writing”, but it doesn’t satisfy me on the same level as it did when I used to write stuff for the blog on a more full-time scale.

I have been at my job for about two years now and overall I have worked in project management for four years. So I know I must have built up some skills and confidence in what I do over those years even if I don’t think much about that on a daily basis.

I think that’s what I lack with the blog: confidence in my skills as a creative writer. I was never good at grammar; not in my native language (which is danish) and especially not in english. I feel even more naked when I write in english than when I do so in danish. I never really overcame this fear even tough I have been doing this for more than half of my life.

Somewhere deep down I hold a belief that I have talent, if not in putting together coherent sentencesses, then in  conveying a personal and meaningful message to the reader. I think that was what kept me going for the two years that The Measured Life was an active site.

What also kept me going was the wonderful and mostly positive reactions I got from people who had stumpled upon my writings one way or another. I was scared shitless every time I received a comment, mind you! But I also though of it as a very powerful way to connect with like-minded people. I am forever in awe of the people who decided to spend their time with me here on The Measured Life! I can’t thank them enough for being there with me along the way.

I suppose I am now looking to recreate some of that magic that came in to my life back then by getting back into the writing game…

For now I am not gonna spend a lot of time editing or in deep reflection over the output I produce (or at least that is what I tell myself). I am just going to be doing spur of the moment writing and I am going to be frantically clicking publish whenever I don’t feel like working more on a post.

I other news, I hope you guys (if there is still anyone out there) had a lovely Christmas with all of your families and a fantastic new years with whomever you happened to celebrate that with! I had a very eventful holiday break myself (too eventful even) but that is for another post.

Let the lion roar

Today I gave the site a bit of a make over and one of the biggest changes is a lion replacing the previous landscape header.

Every life is different and we face different challenges along the way on our roads through ours.

For me I’ve needed to embrace relaxation the simpler things in life more but I’ve also needed to boost my confidence and trust myself more.

The lion is the perfect symbol of this two-fold way of living.

It is a viscous hunter, leaving no mercy for its prey when it is set on getting its next meal.

It also really understands how to relax and enjoy  life.

If we are to be successful at life we must learn how to give ourselves a break, but we should also hold ourselves up to a high standard as well.

Half-assing won’t get us far: either personally or professionally.

So shout out a roar that fills the room and tell yourself “you can do this!”

Then go do whatever you set out to do!

To get myself in the mood for performing I often put on Foo Figher’s ‘The Pretender’.

I encourage you to try this.

Yours sincerely

~ Jake

Back at the desk


Albert Einstein office

Hi guys, long time no see. I’ve been on a 10-day spontaneous road-trip since I wrote the last post but now I am back at the desk.

I deliberately made no plans for my holiday and instead I just showed up at the doorstep of a friend. Luckily he was happy to see me. The following 10 days after that I just let opportunity lead me and I’ve had a blast, meeting lots of old friends and new people. I couldn’t recommend being a yes man enough.

I am now more than a month into my celibacy (no relapses) and I’ve had a great time connecting with women in completely different ways than I am used to. It sounds corny, but it’s been easier for me to see them for who they really are since I started the project. I do believe, however, that I’ll be ending the streak soon, depending on if I get to spend some time with the right kind of girl.

At the moment I am writing the job application of my life, and there is actually a chance that I might get my dream job. More about that when I know more about how things turn out.

Other than that I’ve been busy rebuilding my brain through excercise, diet, and rewiring.

I am also spending time selecting a new phone (I think I’ll be going with the Galaxy S 4) and a new computer (having difficulty figuring out how much to spend).

So I am keeping pretty busy at the moment. I hope I’ll be able to write up something longer for you guys soon.

Oh, and I hope you all had a great Easter!

Yours sincerely,


A short update before the weekend

Hi guys!

A couple of new people subscribed after yesterday’s post. Thank you! This makes me want to write more often and improve the standard of the content I offer. Interestingly, it seems my audience is mostly women, which I did not expect. I am working on getting another blogger and friend of mine to write a guest post here soon and possibly host a new podcast with me. She has a very different perspective on many things including sex and I think there’d be a fun dynamic between her and I. More info on this project coming soon!

In other news, I have several upcoming posts in the works, but I am not sure which ones will reach publication on the site. I still haven’t found a good rhythm when it comes to writing and publishing. At the moment I actually have about 14 drafts I am working on but the quality of my writing is still very inconsistent and it doesn’t help that I can be very unscheduled in my approach to getting creative stuff done.

However, the next article will most likely be about getting back together with your ex  / hooking up with a friend since I have been in the mood of writing about relationships lately. Basically, I think both are bad ideas (most of the time) I’ll explain why then. I am also excited about an MBTI (personality typology) series I am planing. Knowing your type and the type of others’ can be a great tool in everything from relationship management to finding a job that suits you.

Well. That should be all for now. I have a plan of being able to shift between writing short, concise articles that get to the point quickly, and longer, explanatory posts that offer a lot of referential value and knowledge.  We’ll see how things goes.

Have a great weekend!

Yours sincerely,