The Bucket List Project

The Bucket List Project

I am a big believer in positive psychology, and as Christopher Peterson writes in this Psychology Today article, having a bucket list can aide in making your life more memorable as it both gives you a sense of direction and helps you in keeping track of your most treasured experiences in life. You’ve got to have a game plan for life and that includes setting clear (and not so clear) goals for yourself.

I use keeping a bucket list as a tool to keep myself accountable for the life goals I set for myself the same way that I use a calendar to keep myself accountable for keeping up with my daily schedule and making sure I remember to make appropriate plans when it comes to my career, family,  friends, diet, exercise etc. My calendar is a good tool for remembering to water my plants every other week as well as for remembering events, professionally and personally, but beyond that I need a  way to make sure that I have a sense of direction in my life  – a steady course if you will. My growing bucket list does just that. I also use it to challenge myself as much as possible in my continuous personal development and growth as a human being.

These two aspects of keeping a bucket list, the steady course and challenging yourself, may seem to pull in different directions, but I don’t look at “a steady course”as something rigid, and neither do I view “challenging yourself” as something completely random and idiosyncratic. There is a spiderweb of connections  between the many seemingly incidental things you do in life, for example, swimming with sharks may not seem to have anything in common with holding a speech in front of audience of a thousand people, but they both deal with facing fears, which is a skill that can be developed and honed through many different ways and means. You can take a lesson learned in one area and apply it to another. So while my bucket list mainly serves a rather mundane purpose (to enjoy the hell out of life!) it also reinforces and supports my larger goals in life.

Keeping a bucket list can be a very internal exercise: it is by its very nature a dialogue you have with yourself about what you have accomplished and what you set forth to do with your remaining time on earth. But you can also externalize the journey by publishing and curating  your bucket list on your website as I am doing here. As of writing this the slate is rather blank; it is still just very much an internal dialogue. But, with time, I expect by bucket list to be a breeding place for dialogues with other bloggers and whoever else who stumble upon my little corner of the web here on The Measured Life.

For example, I put the fact that I have visited North Korea out there because I bet my experiences might be of interest to someone out there. They might even have a point of view to add that that I did not consider myself. When it comes to my experiences in North Korea I have drawn very few conclusions so far. On one hand the whole experience felt very orchestrated; on the other hand some of the people we met there seemed to genuinely live a happy life under the circumstances, especially compared to that of some of those I encountered when I visited South Korea, where the suicide rate is very high. Note that I am not in any way supporting the current government of north Korea, I am just proposing that things are not always as black and white as we want them to be. But maybe you have been there and have a different experience from mine? So in the end, this very public way of keeping a bucket list turns the process into a mutually beneficial dialogue about developing and challenging yourself between me and you.

My bucket list is still in its infancy, that is I have only just put it together. There are many things I have experienced in life that are still not on the list and there are also many goals that I am not sure are warranted to be on it. In time it will be more fleshed out.

In the following you will see the list in it’s whole. As of now I have sorted individual goals into relevant categories (see inspiration here) since many of my goals are interconnected as stated above, but the template will likely change over time, especially considering that I believe that I will amass thousands of individual goals (both completed and planned) over the coming years.  Goals that I have completed are marked with a green check mark and I also add a date and place when possible. With time, many of these will be followed by links to the individual posts I have written on the subject (I haven’t written any yet). For example, I haven’t written anything about North Korea (it has been on the to-do list for a very long time now) but when I do you’ll reference it here.


Visit North Korea ✅ October 2016

Visit 30 countries ✅ February 2018

Visit 40 countries (projected to happen in 2020)

Visit 50 countries (projected to happen by 2022)

Visit 100 countries (I want to accomplish this goal by the time I am 45)

Mountain climbing

Climb the Machu Picchu  of Peru ✅ 2009 | Wayna Picchu

Climb the highest peak of Sri Lanka ✅ 2016 | Adams peak

Climb the highest peak of The Yellow Mountains National Park in china ✅ 2016| Lion’s Peak

Climb the highest peak of Montenegro ✅ 2017 | Bobotov Kuk

Climb the highest peak of the arabian world ✅ 2018|Mt. Toubkal

Climb a mountain above 4.000 meters ✅ February 1st 2018 | Mt. Toubkal

Climb a mountain above 5.000 meters

Climb a mountain above 6.000 meters

Climb a mountain above 7.000 meters

Climb 4 of the  7 summits


Get a photo published in a newspaper ✅  2017

Get a photo published by a Facebook fan page ✅ 2017 | Trainman Blues

Get a minor sponsorship ✅  2018 | Saal Digital


Run a marathon

Go scuba diving

Go horseback riding ✅  2009 | Arequipa, Peru

Go skiing ✅  2001 | Sweden

Ride a zip-line ride ✅ 2017 | Durmitor, Montenegro

Go surfing

Play a game of paintball

Go paragliding

Fly in a hot-air balloon

Whitewater rafting ✅ 2009,  2016 |Peru, Montenegro

Walk on hot coal

Hit the bulls-eye on a dart board

Arrive by seaplane

Experience weightlessness

Golf 18 holes

Nature and wildlife 

Explore an active mine ✅2010 |Botosí, Bolivia

Visit a volcano ✅ 2010 | Atacama, Bolivia

Chase a tornado

Explore a cave ✅ 2017 |Ireland

Dog sled

Jump off a cliff ✅ 2016 | Kelani River, Kitulgala, Sri Lanka

Swim with dolphins

Swim with Sharks

See the northern lights

Witness a solar eclipse

Get a pet hamster ✅ 2018

Get a cat

Get a dog

Connect + relationships

Do volunteer work ✅ 2009 | Peru

Throw a mega party ✅ 2016

Go on a blind date

Go on a Tinder date ✅ 2014

Fold 1,000 origami cranes and give them to someone special

Be in a conscious, fulfilling relationship

Cover the Bed in Rose Petals

Meet a Blog Reader in Person

Meet a World Leader

Meet someone famous

Have a dedicated blog follower ✅ 2017

Sing a karaoke duet ✅  2016 | North Korea


Start a blog ✅  2009

Restart a blog ✅  2018

Sing for an audience

Become fluent in Spanish

Learn french

Get a tattoo ✅ 2016 | Zoi Tattoo, Stockholm

Publish a book

Do public speaking in front of 1,000 people (or more)

Play a new musical instrument

Learn to dance the salsa

Decorate a blank t-shirt

Learn to Juggle

Learn to Play Chess

Send a Message in a Bottle


Be a Member of a TV Studio Audience ✅ 2018

Be an exstra in a movie or a tv-show

Attend a Music Festival ✅ 2002 | Langeland Festival

Be on a podcast

Go to a Drive-In Movie

Go to comicon

Go to a medieval fair ✅ 2017

See the Tour de France

Try pole dancing

Throw Beads at Mardi Gras

Wear a Sumo Wrestling Suit ✅ 2007

Food & drink 

Eat an insect ✅ 2009 | Peru (ate a larva)

Brew your own beer ✅ 2017 (lovely IPA:-)

Extract honey from a bee hive

Hunt for wild mushrooms

take a cooking class

Participate in a food fight

Finance and luxury 

Get Paid to Trave

Create a Passive income

Earn 6 Figures Per Year (in dollars)

Make a Will


Do 24-Hours of Silence

Go on a 10-day silent meditation retreat

Fly first class

Fly in a helicopter

Go on a cruise

Get a college degree ✅ 2011 |MA in cultural anthropology

Take a yoga class

Fly in a helicopter

Ride a camel ✅ 2018 | Zagora, Marocco

Ride a Segway

Ride in a Tuk Tuk ✅  2019 |Puno, Peru